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Comtesse Mallory is a sadistic feral Domme, She uses Her subs as a playground for Her decadent pleasures

After 8 years in the Montreal BDSM community, She has refined and mastered her large skill set.

Advocating and practicing a totalitarian gynarchic system, where men are at the bottom of the food chain

You will always be considered with care if you take and accept your place at Comtesse's feet.

Raw feminine energy, She is the Apex Predator.
Hedonist and lust icon, Comtesse Mallory is a symbiosis between refinement and frenzy. 

Would you step onto Her hunting ground and tempt the Beast?


Interests & Kinks* 


*Comtesse Mallory DOES NOT offer direct sexual services.

Anal & Strap-on*

Getting fucked hard, or sucking on my huge cock
I will make you my personal Fleshlight
*for established customers only

Ball Busting

Want to crack some eggs?
I will use your balls as a target for my long powerful legs.

Body Worship

As you should always do!
Worship my magnificent body,
Feel blessed by the chance to idolize your true and only Comtesse


You will be restricted in your movements
The predicament of your choice
Can be mixte with other interests

Chastity & Keyholding

For an hour or a whole week*,
You won't have free will over your useless genitals
*Keyholding for established clients


It's a good middle ground between Impact and RBP
You will be pinched, slapped and more
Using mundane objects

You give Comtesse Mallory decisional power over your finances.
This relationship doesn’t always grant you access to Comtesse Mallory,  virtually or IRL

Cross- Dressing

Do you want to walk in women's shoes?
Feel the soft silk of a pink pantie on your small limb.



Fear play

Does not offer you  pleasure or arousal through pain
It provides a harmless outlet in a way to feel terrified.
Through multiple techniques


Are you gonna be a good little bitch?
From verbal to physical, you are degraded
and put where you belong.

Impact Play

This can include activities such as spanking, flogging, whipping, paddling, or any other form of consensual repetitive impact applied to certain body parts.

Primal play

The play focuses on raw actions that are evoked by natural impulses and urges.
you’re overcome by my most instinctive instinct.

Protocol &

Protocol is an established way for one to behave in a specific time, place, or occasion.
From Low, Medium to High Level

Rough Body Play

You want to experience what it's like to be my punching bag?
I will punch, kick and proceed to beat you.



You want to drink my delectable golden nectar,
or get drowned in it?
*for established customers only

Man handling

Do you want to lose total control over your body and moves?
Using force I will physically put you into submission

Role Play*

From a diapered little to a playful pup
I will pamper you or train you.
Would you be good for Comtesse Mallory?
*Gear must be provided by the client

Wax play*

Feel the hot oily liquid dripping on your body 
can be mixte with other interests
*Wax must be provided by the client


*Comtesse Mallory DOES NOT offer direct sexual services.




As your almighty deity, I expect offerings.
Don't try to be insidious by negotiating your Tributes,
It will be considered the epitome of disrespect

Tributes- 200$/hour



Liquor - Crystal Head vodka
Shoe sizes
10 (can-us)
40-41 (euro)
8 (UK)

Red wine - Bold & savoury

I only wear silver and I expect 925 sterling silver, nothing else.

Any Tributes or Offerings will put you in my grace

It will also put you on top of my subordinate's list

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